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Upset woman suffering from eye pain

Eye Emergencies

If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort, redness, or irritation please call our office ASAP to be seen by one of our doctors.

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Cataracts Evaluations

Cataracts Evaluations

Cataracts are common, age-related clouding of the clear lens that covers the eye. Though they are not dangerous or threatening to the health of the eye, cataracts can be an inconvenience when performing seemingly routine tasks, such as reading, driving, cooking, or watching TV.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a chronic condition in which the body does not produce enough quality tears to sufficiently lubricate the eye. Without tear lubrication, the eyes may become irritated, causing burning, itchiness and excessive watering.

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woman holding a new pair of glasses

Ocular Disease

A comprehensive eye exam can identify vision complications during their earliest stages, providing eye doctors the opportunity to treat them more easily.

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Professional oculist is checking human vision

Primary Care

Eye exams are professional screenings used to evaluate the health of the eye and diagnose vision impairments and disease. Each is comprised of a series of several tests that analyze various functions of the eye, such as color differentiation, distance vision, and peripheral awareness.

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